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I was born in Mexico City a few years back when the internet wasn’t a thing and we listened to music on FM radio. My parents decided to move to Toluca, the capital of the State of Mexico, which was a less crowded. It was a small town att the time,  only between 1 to 2 million people! 

I became an architect and worked for years on my career. Eventually I ventured to the northern end of the American continent and settled down in the Midwest, where nowadays I enjoy the brief summer and crazy winter of Minnesota. 

As for writing? Well, I started to write my first novel when I was in high school. This manuscript developed and became a fantasy trilogy that you can find as Saber. I wrote many short stories, both Spanish and English, along with several manuscripts that maybe one day will see the light of day.

Besides reading, I love painting although I doubt my talent is worth sharing. I enjoy music, especially loud and although I complain about bugs, I enjoy hiking and exploring the great outdoors... or cities (must be the architect in me). 

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