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Episode 1

Under-radar kids movies, worth to watch 

In this episode we will talk about movies that have had less publicity than we believe they deserve. They are family friendly for all kids, but we mention some "scary" parts just in case. 

Spoiler alert!

List of movies mentioned:


The Black Cauldron


The Great Mouse Detective

Tres Caballeros

The Jungle Book (animated version)

El Mago de los Suenos (only in Spanish)

The Emperor's New Groove

Caty la Oruga (only in Spanish)

Robin Hood (Animated version)

Episode 2

Red List, Threatened Species

In this episode, we will talk about the Red List of Threatened Species. We will explain what it is, how it works, and what it means for a species to belong to this list. It is a serious topic, but through awareness we can make a difference.

List of websites:

Episode 3

What activities NOT to try this summer with your kids...according to Josephine!


Summer is around the corner, and parents need to find enjoyable activities for their children, but what would please our children? In this episode, Josephine will give her opinion about summer activities that may sound fun to parents, but not so much to children.

Episode 4

How to deal with the worries and anxiety of these days!


In this episode, we talk about the difference between worries and anxiety, some techniques that could help to deal with them, and what to avoid while dealing with someone, child or adult, who is going through it. 

Episode 5

Over-rated Movies, in our Opinion


In this episode we answer some of our listeners' requests and talk about movies we believe are over-rated and explain our reason for this. 

Warning: This is our opinion and has nothing against the movies, or anyone who likes them!

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Episode 6

Amazing villains and where to find them


In this episode we talk about villains from movies and books, why we like them and how this improves the story. Which is your favorite "bad guy"? Let us know! 

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Episode 7

Josephine On Health topic


In this episode Josephine talks about health, what it means, what is important to take care of and eating disorders that could hurt anyone. The book cited is: Looking after your Health, by Caroline Young and published by Usborne.

Episode 8

How to deal with invasive species?


In this episode we talk about what are invasive species, why are dangerous and things that you can do to help prevent/clean them where you live. 

Episode 9

The glorious game of golf.


In this episode, we talk about golf from history (a little of it) to lessons and what to expect when you are playing, and we share our “expert” advice improving your game… or start playing.

Edinburg US, MN

Every Third Saturday, Vets nonprofit organization

Episode 10

The Decision: To add or not to add a Producer


In this episode, we share our thoughts and conflicts to answer the proposal of adding a producer to our podcast.

Episode 11

Animal Encounters of the strange kind


In this episode, we talk about times when we had gotten in touch with wild animals and had survived! 


In the loving memory of Mr. Carrot, our parakeet. 

Season II

Episode 1

Who are these people?


Welcome to Session 2! 

In this episode, our "in testing period" producer leads an interview of the hosts, Josephine and Monica. We also talk about a challenge for this coming months and how we will keep you posted on the advances.


For those who are curious, this is the name: NaNoWriMo and you can check their website: and if anyone needs helps with grammar or editing, prowritingaid:, it the other program Josephine mentioned.

Episode 2

November Challenge


Our November challenge, NaNoWriMo and finger training Lady Beep, got a little more complicate it. 

Update Week 2

            Week 3

            Week 4

Episode 3

Christmas Traditions around the World


In this episode, we talk about different days and ways that people celebrate during the month of December. We also talk a little about our own traditions and fun facts about Christmas.

Episode 4

Overrated Christmas Movies, but we love them


Christmas movies are classic, some more than other ones, but why? Some of the "classics" seem to us a little off the spirit of the season. 

Check them out here. 


As mentioned in this episode, from Octonauts: Vegimals Christmas.

Episode 5

The Calendar and a new year


In this episode we talk about the history of the Roman and the Gregorian calendar as well as some traditions for New Year's eve

Mini- Episodes:

Winter Stuff

Ron & Baymax

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