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For the first time in his life, winning the war isn’t his priority, and saving the girl he cares for is the only thing he wants. However, his real enemy is about to take over the magic in his world, and if the enemy succeeds, no one will be safe. Can he risk her life to save their world?


Chris fears how everything is changing. 


As the new leader of his race, Chris still needs to save his people, and there is no time to contemplate his options. When the girl of his dreams starts to have visions and warn him about the new threat the Soto Forest trees are becoming, he knows they may already be too late.


Their future is in their hands. To end the war, he will have to join forces with the Reisers, the race responsible for the death of his dear ones and the destruction of his cities. He must also reconcile with the Valsings that turned their back to humans when they asked for their help. If they fail, there won’t be another battle, and the Hune he knows will succumb. 


Can Chris defeat the conspiracy to destroy Hune in one last battle? 


Saber, Wisdom and Justice, is the action-packed final book in the Saber Trilogy, a YA fantasy series. If you like unwrapping conspiracies, imperiled choices, and captivating characters, then you’ll love Monica Red’s sword and sorcery adventure.


Buy Saber, Wisdom and Justice, the conclusion of this bittersweet trilogy today!

Wisdom and Justice


 Chris rubbed his face and stared at the trees. Sara had told him once that they needed to understand their enemy to defeat it. As difficult as it was for him, he had to trust the reisers and their new plan if he wanted to stop the war and Murllen. After all, they were trying to accomplish the same results.

 “All right,” he said and sat down. “Let’s talk again, but…if you betray us, I swear to you, Gemli and Murllen will look like angels compared to what I’d do to you.”


He stopped in the middle of the camp and raised his voice. “I am not asking you to forgive our former aggressors. I’m urging you to give us a chance to live in peace once and for all. Without the reisers’ help, we won’t be able to stop this war and defeat Murllen and the traitor Leonard. This is when we take our destiny into our hands and get rid of the lies and traps of our ancestors. We are going to recover our home and save everyone in Hune!”

The Past

The events of the day, along with all the years of losses, came to Chris’s mind. He understood what Donald wanted. As a diplomat, he needed to foresee what he would do as a leader, but that wasn’t his call. 

Chris secured his sword in his hand...

“...I’m positive your new leader wants to keep you alive..."

“He is a good guy,” Chris said. “He would be pretty fair with you...”

“But I won’t.”

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