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After discovering all hope of victory rested on a girl he thought lost, all he wants is to find a different answer. But when his sergeant brings devastating news from his army, he runs out of time. 


Chris' world is falling apart. 


His King committed treason, his people are about to suffer at his enemy’s hands. Saving them may mean sacrificing the only girl he ever cared for. While escaping from an ambush, he stumbled into the dragon sorcerer who reveals a deeper danger from their past. A danger, even for Chris’s enemy, and to survive it he needs to look past the years of war and his desire for revenge.


Enraged at the discovery, the new leader of the human race challenges all magic or prophecies by seeking a new path to put an end to the war for good. His real enemy is too close behind him and the world he loves is about to suffer a catastrophic change. 


Will his decision lead them to salvation or doom? 


Saber, Shadows of Tomorrow is the enthralling second book in the Saber Trilogy, a YA fantasy series. If you like unexpected twists, high risks, and intriguing characters, then you’ll love Monica Red’s sword and sorcery adventure.


Buy Saber, Shadows of Tomorrow to continue the fight towards its bittersweet end today!

Shadows of Tomorrow

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The Prophecy

A knot formed in the pit of Chris’s stomach.

Even though all those women and men knew what was coming, their steps were sure and steady. No screams or panic filled the building. Their expressions showed how much they cared for their world and how seriously they took their task. 

They couldn’t defend themselves, much less fight back against the reisers.


“You are right. I have never seen what the reisers do, not even yesterday. I haven’t been in a battle, either. But I have seen horrible crimes, and our race’s enemy did none of them. I learned from the zhortas…”

She cleared her throat. 


“Forgiveness is a gift to yourself, Chris, not to others.”

The Past

“Sara, if Gemli is right and justice is only an illusion, and like you made me see, forgiveness is something you do for yourself,” he squeezed her hand, “then revenge is what I’ll give you. They will pay for how much they hurt you.”

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