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He’s about to lose a devastating war. Trapped between despair and honor, will one young leader choose to chase an uncertain magic?


Commander Chris Riddley believes defeat is inevitable. The only high-ranking soldier left after his colonel father’s death, the inexperienced officer falls back to protect the last human city. And though his army is decimated, he vows to defend his people until his dying breath.


Tasked with one final mission by the High Council, Chris barely survives a sorcerer's attack before learning of a cursed saber rumored to be the key to victory. But the fierce protector finds himself unsure whether to pursue a vague prophecy or remain to hold the line against their brutal foes.


Will his choices secure their salvation or hasten their doom?


Saber, Roots of Hope is the thrilling first book in the Saber Trilogy of YA fantasy series. If you like well-rounded characters, captivating world-building, and unexpected twists, then you’ll love Monica Red’s sword and sorcery adventure.


Buy Saber, Roots of Hope to fight to the bittersweet end today!

Roots of Hope

The Walk

The lack of life signs sent a shiver down Chris’s spine. He took a step closer and the ground grabbed his attention. All the time they had walked through the Soto Forest, the sound of dry leaves cracking under their weight followed them. There, the ground turned silent. 

Chris knelt and realized that all the vegetation in the valley wasn’t dry, but rotten.


“Donald, wait!”


“I have been an active member of this war longer than you have been alive.” Gemli bent down, and Chris felt his warm breath by his ear. “I fight for the winning side, little Chris. You should do the same. Join me, and I will tell you everything you are so eager to learn. Everything about the reisers, their plans for Hune, who knows…maybe we can find those blue eyes you keep thinking about.”


“Remember the prophecy that has cost us all so much? Well, we keep it here, along with any other relevant document of Hune and our history,” he said. “We have done as much as possible to find a solution…a way to break the prophecy. It hasn’t been an easy job, and it hurts me to say it, but there is nothing we could have done to avoid this war.”

“So, there is nothing we can do,” Chris said.


“That is not what I said, Christopher...”

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